Ceramic granite floor tiles

Ceramic granite floor tiles (porcelain tiles, porcelain stoneware, gres) are produced using the Italian equipment and according Italian technology. The main kinds of products are ceramic porcelain stoneware "Salt-Pepper" (plain  and  structured,  steps) and "Monocolor" (monochrome porcelain tiles).

Dimensions: 300x300x8 mm, 300x300x12 mm, 400x400x9 mm. The high sturdiness, high abrasive stability and durability of ceramic granite floor tile make indispensable for using as floor covering in commercial, industrial and public buildings (shopping centers, parking, airports, warehouses and etc.).

Extremely low water absorption makes ceramic granite frost-resistant and allows it to be used at outdoors. For floors with high loads used very durable porcelain tile 12  mm thicknesses and recommended for industrial floor of manufacturing and warehouse buildings, train stations, car washes, airports, also outdoor pools, where the frost resistance is required.

*Manufacturing is negotiated separately in each case


Production is divided into the following six groups:

  1. KG02, KG06, KG10 - light colors;

  2. KG08, KG09, KG11, KG12, KG15, KG20 - colored gres (dark tones);

  3. Structural stoneware (structural surface) – KGR;

  4. Steps – KGS;

  5. Monochrome stoneware (Monocolor) – MC;

  6. Extremely durable gres (12 mm thickness) - UT;

Product encoding

  1. Letters:
    • KG - porcelain stoneware, the next letters: S - steps, R - with a structural surface;
    • MC - monochrome stoneware;
    • UT - extremely durable gres (12 mm thickness);
  2. The two next digits  -  the color code:
    • 02 – beige
    • 03 - light-gray
    • 04 - gray
    • 06 - beige-brown
    • 07 - light mustard
    • 08 - dark mustard
    • 09 - green
    • 10 - beige-green
    • 11 – black
    • 12 – dark-brown
    • 15 – pink
    • 17 - light green
    • 20 - bordeaux-gray
  3. Letter or letters after the color code – is a tone code. This is technological label and does not affect for the cost of production.
  4. Digit by a fraction - is a caliber of products. This is technological label and does not affect for the cost of production.

Product characteristics (properties) according to standard MSZ EN 144411:2007 "Ceramic tiles - definitions, classification, characteristics and marking"

Physical and chemical properties Requirements and declared values Test/assessment method
Water absorption, % E ≤ 0,5 MSZ EN ISO 10545-3:1999
Breaking strength, thickness ≥ 7,5 mm, N Not less than 1300 MSZ EN ISO 10545-4:1999
Modulus of rupture, thickness ≥ 7,5 mm, N/mm2 Not less than 35 MSZ EN ISO 10545-4:1999
Impact resistance    0,83* MSZ EN ISO 10545-5:1999
Abrasion resistance, mm3 Maximum 175 MSZ EN ISO 10545-6:1999
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion (from ambient temperature to 100oC), 1/K 3,90•10-6* MSZ EN ISO 10545-8:1999
Thermal shock resistance Resistant* MSZ EN ISO 10545-9:1999
Frost resistance Resistant* MSZ EN ISO 10545-12:1999
Resistance to low concentrations of acid and alkalis ULA* MSZ EN ISO 10545-13:1999
Resistance to household chemicals and swimming pool salts Minimum UB MSZ EN ISO 10545-13:1999

*Informative value

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